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Welcome to Stow Dental Group's collection of untouched before and after photos. We have selected different case types which help to demonstrate just some of the many ways our skills and technology can improve a smile.  The captions below each set of photos will explain each case.



 Above:  patient results by Dr. Schikowski



 ABOVE:  patient results by Dr. Schikowski

ABOVE:   patient results by Dr. Iati . . . This case is an example of a full mouth reconstruction using porcelain veneers and crowns to restore a bite and smile using neuromuscular principles. Notice not only how beautiful the smile is but also the transformation of the whole face.  

ABOVE:   patient results by Dr. Iati . . . This is a direct bonding case. In one appointment we were able to close a gap that had bothered this patient for years. This was a very conservative, economical, and functional choice for this patient. 

ABOVE:   patient results by Dr. Iati . . . This case is a full mouth reconstruction involving crowns and veneer.  Notice again the effect on the full face and the more youthful apperance. This case is more than ten years old; and patient does not need to wear ANY type of night guard for sleep.

ABOVE:  patient results by Dr. Iati . . . This case shows the effect achieved by replacing old mercury silver fillings in the posterior teeth.  In one visit, we created a more cosmetic, functional, and healthy mouth

ABOVE:  patient results by Dr. Iati . . . This case is the result of patient having to redo poorly done cosmetic dentistry. The previous dentist did not adhere to certain principles of smile design and shade choice leaving this patient with misproportioned teeth which were also out of alignment.  Notice how the before photographs do not complement her beauty.  The after photographs reflect patient input, study models, and an ideal smile design to enhance her natural facial form.  


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Thirteen years ago I decided that I wanted to improve my smile. There were missing teeth and spaces, the ones I did have didn’t sparkle. I pulled out my telephone book and went to the yellow pages looking for a cosmetic dentist. There he was, Dr Eric Schikowski and Stow Dental. I called and made an appointment for a consultation. The staff and Dr Schikowski were amazing, they made me feel very comfortable. I explained why I was there and what I was looking for and a plan to improve my smile was in the works. The end result of all their hard work was I had a beautiful smile. When I am asked about my teeth I give out Dr Schikowski’s name and telephone number. The way a person feels about themselves shows when they have a beautiful smile, your confidence is beaming. Dr Schikowski and his staff do is change lives for the better. I love you all!!


Getting veneers at Stow Dental Group has been a wonderful experience. The procedure is relatively painless and the results are spectacular! Dr. Thompson and his entire staff are kind, caring and extremely professional. I can't stop smiling!

Sandy C.

Trust, is the word that comes to mind when I think of Dr. Iati and his staff. Being a one of a kind patient and asking for a 'Masterpiece Smile' was no easy task. To top things off, I moved to Newport Coast, California in the middle of my procedure.

I could have easily selected another dentist and joined the Hollywood Stars, but I knew Dr. Iati had a mission that no other could accurately attempt to complete. It wasn't just slapping on veneers for a sparkling white smile. It was a complete adjustment of my bite. Even after Dr. Iati suggested we select a dentist in my area to help with the procedure, I refused and was willing to travel back and forth to accomplish our goal.

No other doctor or dentist has ever been as concerned about me as a patient and I was not about to give that up. He personally called me at home after each procedure; he would check up on me through email or a phone call just to see how I was feeling or if there was any change. When I was down and complaining, he would listen and help me through it.

Now, I feel it was well worth the wait. I have no more headaches or jaw pain, just that 'Masterpiece Smile' I requested when I first sat in his chair. Mission Accomplished! Thanks, Dr. Iati!!

Jan B. Newport Coast, CA

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