Before and After photos

Welcome to Stow Dental Groups array of untouched before and after photos. We have selected many different case types to give you some idea of what our skills and technology can achieve. The captions will explain each case to help you better understand what was done in each circumstance allowing you to fully explore your options.



 -anonymous patient by Dr. Schikowski




-anonymous patient by Dr. Schikowsk

This above case is an example of a full mouth reconstruction using porcelain veneers and crowns to restore a bite and smile using neuromuscular principles. Notice, not only how beautiful the smile is but also the transformation of the whole face. Results by Dr. Iati.

This above case is a direct bonding case. In one appointment we were able to close a gap that had bothered this patient for years. This was a very conservative, economical and functional choice for this patient. Results by Dr. Iati

This above case is a full mouth reconstruction involving crowns and veneer. Notice again the effect on the full face and the more youthful apperance. This case is over 5 years old and the patient does not need to wear ANY type of night guard to sleep in. Results by Dr. Iati

This case shows the effect achieved by replacing old mercury silver fillings in the posterior teeth. In one visit, we created a more cosmetic, functional and healthy mouth. Results by Dr. Iati

This above case is the result of this patient having to redo poorly done cosmetic dentistry. The previous dentist did not adhere to certain principles of smile design and shade choice which left this patient with misproportioned teeth which were also out of alignment. Notice how they do not compliment her beauty. After photographs, study models, and patient input, an ideal smile design was created to enhance her facial form. Needless to say the patient was thrilled. Results by Dr. Iati