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Trip Without Pain

"With half a century of associating dental offices with pain, I approached the preparation for a crown at Stow Dental Group with some trepidation and a familiar knot in my stomach. Dr. Iati warmly greeted me, explained what the process would be, and advised that I was in for a treat - a new method for administering anesthetic that would not cause me to crawl out of the chair. Amazingly, he was right - a micro-thin needle, computer-driven dosing equipment, and the process was truly painless - wonderfully unbelievable."

  Patient Service-Above and Beyond

"My mother was a resident at a local nursing facility, and was experiencing some discomfort with her dentures. In advance of her appointment with Dr. Iati, I navigated her wheelchair to my car and proceeded with the difficult and stressful drive of relocating her from the chair to the car seat. Arriving at Stow Dental Group, I was met by one of the staff who said, "Just wait in your car for a moment please." Two minutes later, Dr. Iati and his assistant, Valarie, appeared at the car and proceeded to make the new impressions and re-adjusted the old dentures right there in the parking lot.

Fantastic, drive-trough dentistry at its finest, with smiles from both of us!"

Trust, is the word that comes to mind when I think of Dr. Iati and his staff. Being a one of a kind patient and asking for a 'Masterpiece Smile' was no easy task. To top things off, I moved to Newport Coast, California in the middle of my procedure.

I could have easily selected another dentist and joined the Hollywood Stars, but I knew Dr. Iati had a mission that no other could accurately attempt to complete. It wasn't just slapping on veneers for a sparkling white smile. It was a complete adjustment of my bite. Even after Dr. Iati suggested we select a dentist in my area to help with the procedure, I refused and was willing to travel back and forth to accomplish our goal.

No other doctor or dentist has ever been as concerned about me as a patient and I was not about to give that up. He personally called me at home after each procedure; he would check up on me through email or a phone call just to see how I was feeling or if there was any change. When I was down and complaining, he would listen and help me through it.

Now, I feel it was well worth the wait. I have no more headaches or jaw pain, just that 'Masterpiece Smile' I requested when I first sat in his chair. Mission Accomplished! Thanks, Dr. Iati!!

Jan B.
Newport Coast, CA

Dear Dr. Iati (and all the nice folks at Stow Dental Group),

Just a note to say thanks again for making what could have been a traumatic ordeal into a pure pleasure. I am still amazed at how nice the whole experience of "going to the dentist" can be. I sure appreciate how hard you all work to make this happen. Your skill and expertise are only half of it. Your attitude and thoughtfulness are the rest. I have NEVER been to ANY medical facility that made me feel less like a symptom and more like a human being and I wanted you to know you are not taken for granted.

From the time I walked in the door to the time I left all of you treat me with the dignity and respect that make me feel good about my visits. No Kidding, I now look forward to my visits.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

Roy T.

Dear Dr. Iati,

I am writing this letter to thank you for all the great dental work that you have done to bring back my overall health and well being.

After having you and your team of professionals evaluate my condition and perform my dental work, I have realized what a life changing experience this has been for me and my family.

My past dental work left me with a missing tooth and a very unhealthy future. I fully expected to loose the remaining teeth I had at the time. After my first visit, I knew I had chosen the right dentist for my needs. I decided then and there that my entire family of four would move to your practice.

I can never thank you enough for what this has meant to me and my family but if this letter helps another family choose your practice, then I feel that I have helped others that may be in need of your dental skills and expertise.

Sincerely thankful,
Richard Green

All of my life, I dreamed of having the perfect smile. Last May I was finally able to get the upper teeth crowned.

I was very excited about my new look, yet a few things weighed heavy on my mind. The procedure details, how painful it would be, the recovery time, etc. And even though I was very eager to get started, I was a little worried about my new look. What if I looked too different?

After my first meeting with Dr. Iati and his caring and capable staff, my fears started to melt away. The day that my temporary crowns were applied, everything went exactly as planned. The procedure was pain free and I could not believe how fast time went.

When I looked in the mirror for the first time, I was overwhelmed with joy. My new smile was so natural and so white, just perfect.

Life has been interesting since my makeover. Now I get lots of complements on my smile. This is something new to me but every time I hear it, it is music to my ears.

With deepest gratitude,
Cynthia J.
Toronto, Canada

Mark - great to see you today as usual. I still marvel at your practice. You have a knack for getting the best people. From the minute you walk in that door, it is a fantastic experience. Morgan is just so delightful. Geneva also. Be very proud of what you do and what you have put together. Thanks!

Tom C.

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