Dr. Schikowski Testimonials

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I am so lucky L.R. gave me your number and referred me to Dr. Schikowski!
Everyone there is kind, considerate and just plain wonderful. Thank you so

Suzann H.

Dr. Schikowski and crew . . . Thanks for another great visit! Your friendly and professional service makes my drive from Newark worthwhile! As long as I'm still in Ohio, I'll be driving to Stow for my dental visits - No matter how many hours I have to drive.

Thanks again for everything,

Dr. Schikowski and team, Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the new implant crowns, they are worth every penny... Thank you all for such personal care and attention.


Dr. Schikowski and staff: From earlier experiences as a youth, the thought of a dental visit has been a less than desirable thought for me. Since becoming a patient of yours, my concerns of going to the dentist have greatly diminished.

You and your staff have performed my dental work with professionalism and care, while maintain a light-hearted atmosphere. I am appreciative of the attention everyone has shown in regards to my comfort and the quality of the work has been excellent.

The bridge replacement completed at your office recently went splendidly. It was a significant amount of dental work and I am thrilled with how the work was performed, as well as the end result. Thank you all for a job well done. I'm actually looking forward to seeing you again.


Dear Dr. Schikowski and staff,

I am writing to let you and your staff know how much I value the work you did on my implants and implant crowns. I can now handle a juicy steak with ease! I would highly recommend the innovative procedures you used to anyone having a similar problem. The tissue punch technique was certainly minimally invasive as you said it would be. The recovery time was great! I had minimal amounts of pain the evening after the initial step of the procedure, and by the next day I hardly knew that I had such major work done. The use of the tomograms to pinpoint exactly where the posts should be places was really great also. It was good to know that the procedure left little margin for error.


Dr. Schikowski and team,

I am really glad I took advantage of invisalign. I love how my teeth have changed. It was really easy to keep up with, and switching out trays was always quick and easy. I didn't find them to be very painful, especially compared to pain that people who have used regular braces describe. It was so nice to have something adjusting my teeth to the smile I wanted, without all the metal. Many people mentioned they have never noticed without me telling them. Overall, I love the result and the whole experience was better than I expected.


Dr. Schikowski and associates performed a small miracle and I now smile often. Thanks to all. This group is very professional, friendly and sincere.


Dear Dr. Schikowski.
I chipped my front tooth at 11:00 am, and was able to be squeezed in my 1:30. Thanks for the chip repair so quickly. I was afraid it would get much worse if not fixed. then to my surprise an opening occurred for a teeth cleaning, and you suggested I take it. Now I'm going home happy with fixed, clean teeth. Thank You

Gary B

Love Dr. Schikowski and his staff, (and I used to hate going to the dentist - still not found of, by Dr. Schikowski is awesome.

Carol C

I have been coming to see Dr. Schikowski for many years, and be been very pleased with their expertise, caring concerns and always a pleasant, friendly attitude from everyone. Recently, I had my front teeth veneered. I was skeptical at first, but they look so much better now. I feel younger and more ready to smile. I definitely have been well cared for here over the years, and would recommend Dr. Schikowski to one and all. Phyllis Jean B.

My name is Chris Miller. Today was my first visit to see Dr. Schikowski. Words cannot express how impressed I am! The office is stunning; the people are so friendly and helpful. It feels wonderful to come to such a professional office! Thank You


Dr. Schikowski's staff always makes you feel welcome, not just another patient. Dr. Schikowski takes the time to explain procedures and any plan of action for the future.

Eric H.

I have gone to Dr. Schikowski for many years and have always been extremely pleased with the knowledge, advice, and care. They are both excellent and I hope I never have to go to anyone else as I get older and start to have dental issues.

Katrina K.

Dr. Schikowski is one of the finest dentists in the area. He is a compassionate dentist and excellent communicator who exhibits wonderful interpersonal skills with patients.

Andy R.

Dr. Schikowski;s staff was very friendly and greeted me by name as well as Geneva (radiology) and the front desk secretary. I always feel welcome and well taken care of in the office... and I feel that everyone there goes above and beyond to be accommodating to me and my family. I would never to anywhere else. Thank You.

Susan S.

I love the fact that Dr. Schikowski cares and even gets excited about the health of my teeth. I could tell immediately after meeting Dr. Schikowski that he is passionate about his profession and his clients. Being a business owner myself, this is extremely important to me. You have definitely created a raving fan!

Anthony S.

Dr. Schikowski's office is top notch. If anyone has any anxiety about visiting a dental office,well fear NO more! Dr. Schikowski and staff have been providing me with outstanding patient care for many years, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Debbie W.

I was always unhappy with my smile but I didn't want to go through the
unsightly period (and discomfort) of wire braces. Dr. Schikowski fitted me
with Invisalign braces which most people didn't notice I was wearing. Now
I've got a smile I'm very happy with. I get compliments from all my friends
and family on my new smile!


I would definitely recommend Invisalign braces for anyone who is
considering them. It was the easiest dental procedures I have had done. The
best thing about them is being able to remove the tray, especially when you
are ready to eat. I am very pleased with the results and thank you Dr.
Schikowski and staff for your encouragement and support


My name is Chris Miller. Today was my first visit at Stow Dental. Words
cannot express how impressed I am! The office is stunning, the people are sp
friendly and helpful! I feels wonderful o come to such a professional
dental office! Thanks!!

~ Chris

Dear Stow Dental,

I chipped my front tooth at 11am and was able to be squeezed in by 1:30.
Thank you for the chip repair so quickly. I was afraid it would get much
worse if not fixed. Them to my surprise and opening occurred for teeth
cleaning and you suggested I take it. Now I am going home happy with fixed,
clean teeth. Thank You!

~Gary B.

I have been coming to Sow Dental for many years and have been very pleased
with their expertise, caring concerns and always pleasant, friendly attitude
from everyone. Recently I had my front teeth veneered. Was skeptical at
first, but they look so much better now. I feel younger now and more ready
to smile. O definitely have been well are for here over the years and would
recommend this practice to one and all

~ J. Baker

For those of you considering Invisalign, I urge you to do so. I have always
wanted a confident smile my entire life. I have always been told that I
couldn't be helped or that it would require a very expensive jaw surgery.
When Dr. Schikowski and his staff mentioned Invisalign I jumped at the
chance and glad I did. I am so happy with my beautiful smile. There was no
pain and it was quicker than regular braces, without all the hardware. Thank
you Dr. Schikowski, you staff and everyone at Stow Dental!!

~D. Kincaid

You're the best! Thanks to you Dr. S. I'm no longer afraid to go to the
dentist! I love my new smile!

~ Judy

I came back

~ P. Smith

Fantastic team! Thanks for caring


Thanks for a new me, saving my teeth and giving me a bite.

~Jean W.

Thanks so much. Great to find a GREAT dentist in Ohio

~ A. Brown

What a smile! You are the best, friendliest team. Smartest too!


Thanks for giving me my smile back again!


Thank you for keeping my smile BRIGHT for the last 25 years


Thirteen years ago I decided that I wanted to improve my smile. There were missing teeth and spaces, the ones I did have didn’t sparkle. I pulled out my telephone book and went to the yellow pages looking for a cosmetic dentist. There he was, Dr Eric Schikowski and Stow Dental. I called and made an appointment for a consultation. The staff and Dr Schikowski were amazing, they made me feel very comfortable. I explained why I was there and what I was looking for and a plan to improve my smile was in the works. The end result of all their hard work was I had a beautiful smile. When I am asked about my teeth I give out Dr Schikowski’s name and telephone number. The way a person feels about themselves shows when they have a beautiful smile, your confidence is beaming. Dr Schikowski and his staff do is change lives for the better. I love you all!!


Since I was young, I’ve had a gap between my two front teeth. My previous dentist tried to correct it, without success. As I grew older, I noticed my lower teeth began to shift and gaps appeared. I had always taken good care of my teeth. Dr. Schikowski recommended Invisalign during a routine visit and explained these gaps could be closed easily with clear trays to be worn over my teeth.

I am very happy with my results. No more spaces! I am a speech/language pathologist, and no one noticed a change with my speech or knew I was wearing my trays.


My first appointment with Dr. Schikowski was very professional, informative, and reassuring. From the moment I walked into the office, the staff made me feel like a priority. My first visit consisted of a thorough consultation, x-rays and cleaning. Dr. Schikowski uses all the latest equipment and considers all aspects of a patient’s health and expectations when making his recommendations.

Though I have never looked forward to my next dental visit, knowing I will return to Dr. Schikowski’s office makes it a lot more palatable.


Sheri G

The word perfection describes Dr. Schikowski's excellent skills and professionalism. Dr. Schikowski has been my dentist for more than 16 years and everyone at Stow Dental Group is so kind and caring. Thank you, Dr. Schikowski, for restoring my smile!

Fran G.

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